Review at Rattle

At Rattle, Michael Meyerhofer says, "These poems are stylistically unique, mostly short (often just a few lines) with an obvious stream-of-consciousness vibe to them, but what really makes them leap off the page is their underlying tenderness, their unabashed examination of the human condition that reminds me of those famous Chinese poets, Li Po and Tu Fu."

Review at Green Mountains Review

At Green Mountains Review, Stephen Lloyd Webber says, "Through If I Falter at the Gallows, there’s a sense of religious constraint that seems to stem from the city and from the pressure of being in society, now. These are poems of the mind with plenty of “is,” joking uneasily with the rhythm of the way things are."

Review at Murder Your Darlings

CL Bledsoe says, "Despite their brevity, these are difficult poems to skim; they demand attention simply because Mullany’s writing is quite powerful and because the scenes resonate."

Review at Cutty Spot

At Cutty Spot, Matthew Sherling writes: Mullany has "a similarity w/ the old Japanese haiku masters...offering a ‘suggestive’ image pregnant w/ possibilities..."

Review at The Collagist

In a review at The Collagist, Andrew David King writes: "An encyclopedic collection of poems mostly ten lines or shorter, If I Falter at the Gallows picks away, chisel-like, at themes and topics that other poets dedicate multiple pages to: selfhood, the self's confrontation with the objects of the world, the variant natures of this world and its objects."

Review at VICE Magazine

In a brief review (at the bottom of the page), Vice Magazine's Giancarlo DiTrapano says "these are little still lifes, Mullany's poems, little cubes in my whisky ..."